Original Dresden Frauenkirche Chocolate Bricks

The sweet side of the Dresden Frauenkirche. Dark hazelnut and light almond nougat marbled with fine white and milk

The Dresden Frauenkirche is a masterpiece of European architectural and clerical art.
Based on its characteristic facade with the light and dark sandstone we developed the
„Dresden Frauenkirche Chocolate Bricks“, a delicate specialty made of the finest light almond and dark hazelnut nougat, classically marbled in the image of the Saxon sandstone.

A pleasure for the eye
as well as the palate

Just as the Frauenkirche embodies the qualities of the best works
of art, so do the „Dresden Frauenkirche Chocolate Bricks“:

  • Created locally and by hand – according to the principles of traditional hand chocolate crafting
  • Finest nougat with generous amounts of almonds and nuts
  • Intense flavor and delicate melt
  • Free of preservatives, flavor enhancers and chemical additives
  • Premium, natural ingredients from controlled organic farming
  • All nougat bricks are unique specimens with a different structure and marbling
[note color=“#b59a2a“] The „Dresden Frauenkirche Chocolate Bricks“ are a unique testimonial to the history of Dresden and the Frauenkirche.  As a mouth-watering souvenir, for devouring and enjoying, for visitors to the city as well as those who call it home, they are the perfect gift for many events and occasions. [/note]